Filmmakers, who will see your next film?

How about everyone?  Everywhere?

We can do this, together.

Come OM

The goal of the OM Film Fest is to bring the independent film industry together as a single, coherently functioning community (OM Community), in order for “indie” filmmakers to make new and greater connections with an ever growing global moviegoing audience.

  • Think of a film festival where the audience selects the films to be in the festival, that they would like to see.

  • Think of a film festival where every independent filmmaker has a good chance to screen his movie.

  • Imagine going to a film festival that is occurring in multiple cities and multiple countries around the world, at the same time.

  • Think of a film festival taking place in locations that never screen independent films, let alone a film festival composed entirely of them.

Meditate on OM Film Fest.

The OM Film Fest will be the largest, and most amazing film festival in the world.


For the OM Film Fest, any independent filmmaker can submit the marketing material for his film, i.e., the official movie trailer, news articles and interviews about the film, awards, backgrounds on the filmmakers and actors, etc.

I - The local OM Film Fest Process

The marketing materials for all submitted films are initially sent to and reviewed by self-selected “OM - Curators”, local cinephiles who want to take an active part in determining what should be represented in “their” local festival.  A simple thumbs up or thumbs down is the vote individually.  Those films achieving a threshold mark are released for review to the entire local OM community. 

Anyone in the local OM community interested in bringing a specific film to their local festival, will purchase a ticket to that film at their local web page.  No film is included in the local film festival until it reaches a specific number of tickets sold.  This is called the “event horizon” for the film.  No one is charged for their tickets until the event horizon has been reached for that specific film.  Then tickets to the screening of the film will continue to be sold until it is sold out. 

This same process continues at the same time with other films until all the available time slots of the local OM Film Fest are filled.  Thus, the local OM Film Fest is most likely sold out before the festival begins. 

Every local OM Film Fest is individual, and different from every other local OM Film Fest.

This is film festival by crowdsourcing.

This is the democratization of film viewing.

II - The Grand OM Film Fest

The local OM Film Fest process is applied to city after city, wherever enough interest is generated.  Thus, the Grand OM Film Fest would consist of many local OM Film Fests taking place in many cities in potentially many countries around the world, all in roughly the same time frame. 

Thus, the OM Film Fest will be the largest, and most amazing film festival in the world.

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OM Film Fest Crowdfunding

This is our crowdfunding campaign.

Become part of the world-wide OM Community.

You can help bring the OM Film Fest to your city. 

Just click on the "Select a Film" link to pre-order a ticket to an independent film at you local  movie theater, and help bring the OM Film Fest to your city.

It only takes 100 people to bring OM Film Fest to any city. 

Once there are 100 pre-orders for a movie in any city, the festival is on in that city.

We believe it will be the hottest ticket in town.

You can make this happen.  You are the Event!

Come OM

OM Film Fest Crowdfunding