The Next OM Film Fest event will take place at the
Standees Theaters at Prairie Village, KS
(10 minutes from the Plaza, Kansas City, MO)
October 15th, 2015
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OM - All the sounds of the universe
This is the song of ourselves

This is film festival by crowdsourcing.
This is the democratization of film viewing.
This is Fair Trade for Filmmakers

The goal of the OM Film Fest is to bring the independent film industry together as a single, coherently functioning community (OM Community), in order for “indie” filmmakers to make new and greater connections with an ever growing global movie going audience, and to provide an equitable income for filmmakers, by paying 50% of the box office sales of the films screened at OM Film Fest to the filmmakers.


For the OM Film Fest, any independent filmmaker can submit their film, along with the marketing material for his/her film, i.e., the official movie trailer, news articles and interviews about the film, awards, backgrounds on the filmmakers and actors, etc. via FilmFreeway. 


The OM Film Fest Process

The submitted films will be reviewed by the OM Film Fest staff and/or volunteers. Some of those films can be accepted for immediate screening at the next monthly OM Film Fest. Other films reviewed will be selected, and the marketing materials for those selected films will be sent to the local "OM Community" (filmmakers and cinemaphiles) who want to take an active part in determining what films should be screened that particular month at the OM Film Fest. When a specific number of votes is achieved by a film, it will be screened at the next month’s OM Film Fest. If a film is not selected for screening for the next monthly OM Film Fest, it will return to the group of films to be reviewed. Every submitted film will remain in the group of films to be reviewed until it has been selected for screening, or six months has passed since it was submitted.
This same process continues every month for each monthly OM Film Fest.

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